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Feature Film

Genre: Thriller
Logline: A couple escapes from some trouble and drives cross country, when one of them goes missing.
Synopsis: Kurt, rebelling against his rich socialite parents, has just stolen 100K from one of his escorting clients. Taylor, his boyfriend, is traveling cross country with him as they head to San Diego to start over. While driving down a desert road, they hit a desert rat forcing them to pullover. A cop, Officer Ryder, stops and offers assistance. Later, back on the road, Taylor nearly runs into a redneck’s pickup truck after almost falling asleep at the wheel. They decide to stop at a local diner to eat. On their way out, Taylor heads back in to grab his shake that he forgot. Time passes, and Kurt goes inside to search for Taylor. After confronting the waitress, Taylor gets thrown out by a patron. Kurt begins to panic as Taylor has mysteriously gone missing. Kurt then sets out on a desperate search to find his missing boyfriend ultimately leading him down a road of secrets and survival.

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The Catalyst

Pilot/Feature Film

Genre: Sci-Fi Thriller
Logline: An escaped convict goes on a search for his missing father and soon finds himself running for his life when he encounters a mysterious group of people who want his father dead.

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Stick Figures


Genre: Family Drama
Logline: A struggling artist battling alcoholism goes back to his hometown to discover that an old girlfriend has left him with custody of her daughter.